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Day 21-23

I have had some really stressful days lately that have put me in some pretty yucky moods, and last night I was ready to have the Rice Dream Mud Pie in my freezer and a beer, and forget about the budget altogether.  I bought that mud pie the night before I started the dollar menu, with my first batch of groceries.  I had intended to eat it after dinner that night, but I forgot about it, and it’s been calling my name ever since.

I resisted the mud pie last night, but on Friday when I did my shopping, I kinda just let myself buy what I wanted and accepted the fact that I’d be a few dollars over budget.  I’ve already got a lot going on this week, and if I’m hungry on top of it, it’s not going to be pretty.  I didn’t actually calculate what I bought until this morning, and I’m not sure how I managed this, but I still came in under budget.  By 11 cents.

I shopped at Whole Foods this week.

  • firm tofu  $1.29
  • frozen broccoli  $2.50
  • almond milk  $2.00
  • black beans  $0.99
  • pinto beans  $0.99
  • garbanzo beans  $0.99
  • 1 cucumber  $1.50
  • 1 orange  $1.03
  • 1 kiwi  $0.69
  • 1 portabella mushroom  $1.14

Total:  $14.11
4 Week Total: $83.89

Day 21 – Friday, May 21
Morning:  Oatmeal.

Afternoon:  I had the gross rice I made for dinner on day 20.  It was still gross.  I didn’t finish it, but luckily I had also packed a salad and some rice cakes.

Evening:  I came home from work and started making tortillas.  I really wanted a burrito, but my tortillas were still coming out way too fat for that (see pictures on Day 3), no matter how thin I rolled them.  I decided to try putting together a black bean burrito with an uncooked tortilla, and then cooking the whole thing in a little olive oil.  I guess this is pretty close to a chimichanga, I’m not exactly sure what you would call it, but it was damn good.  I had a big one for dinner, and packed up two smaller ones for lunch.

Day 22 – Saturday, May 22
Morning:  Two blueberry muffins.

Afternoon:  I had the leftover chimichanga things, covered in free salsa and a few chips from my co-workers lunch.

Evening:  Scrambled tofu, and potatoes with green onion.

Day 23 – Sunday, May 23
Morning:  Blueberry muffin.

Afternoon:  Tortilla with black beans and more free salsa.

Evening:  I sat around for a while deciding what I wanted for dinner.  I ended up making a black bean patty (mashed black beans with sauteed green onion) and served it in between two tortilla halves, with a little ketchup, mustard, and relish.  I left flour out of the black bean mixture and the patty kind of fell apart, but it was still delicious!


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Day 5, 6 & 7

Day 5 – Wednesday, May 5
Morning:  Carrot muffin.

Afternoon:  Pasta salad, orange, biscuit.

Evening:  Two days left before I get to shop again, and I’m working 10-7 both of those days.  I did what anyone in my position would do — I threw everything I had left in a pot and made spaghetti.  (Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cannelini beans, and store-bought pasta sauce.)

Day 6 – Thursday, May 6
Morning:  Carrot muffin, orange.

Afternoon:  Spaghetti from last night, and a banana.

Evening:  After work I made tortillas, and ate them with the rest of my Daiya and Tapatio.  After work tortillas were definitely not as good as my day off tortillas.  I guess tortilla making is not something that should be rushed.

Day 7 – Friday, May 7
Morning:  Carrot muffin.

Afternoon:  Another muffin, and an orange.

Evening:  I left work at 7:30, and stopped for groceries on my way home.  I’ve realized that when I’m stressed, or just having a long day, I only have an appetite for junk food or really healthy food.  Anything in between is boring.  So I passed on my leftover spaghetti, and julienned the rest of my cucumber and drizzled it with spicy French dressing.

I’m looking forward to beans and rice tomorrow like you wouldn’t believe.

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Day 3 & 4

Day 3 – Monday, May 3
Morning:  I had a muffin and an orange.  I had made six muffins on Friday night, let them cool, and put four in the fridge and two in the freezer.  The one I had today came from the freezer, and tasted noticeably more fresh than the ones I’ve been eating from the fridge.  I had tried consulting Google for storage information and found mixed opinions, and had always been satisfied with refrigerating them.. but from now on, they’re going in the freezer.

Afternoon:  I made pasta salad with shredded carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cannellini beans, tossed with Italian dressing.  I’ve been craving pasta salad for days, and it’s great to have a few servings in the fridge, especially in warmer weather, when you’re either too hot or too busy to think about cooking a meal.

For lunch I had a plate of pasta salad, and a biscuit from yesterday.

Evening:  I wanted to use some of my Daiya cheddar shreds, so after my evening class I came home and decided to make tortillas.  I had never done this before and it turned out to be really easy, and definitely worth the extra time.  They came out a little thicker than I would have liked, but they were easily the best tortillas I’ve ever had.. and after thinking I must be some kind of tortilla savant, I realized that they were just the freshest tortillas I’ve ever had.  If you’ve never had a tortilla right out of the pan, you’re missing out.

I made a grilled veggie quesadilla, which really ate more like a sandwich on my fatty tortillas.  It was delicious, regardless!

Day 4 – Tuesday, May 4
Morning: I ate the last muffin for breakfast, so I’ll have to make another batch today to last me through Friday.

Afternoon:  Had some of yesterday’s pasta salad, and an orange.

Evening:  I made another batch of six muffins, the same recipe from How it all Vegan, but this time I replaced the blueberries with shredded carrots. Also added a little cinnamon and nutmeg. They got a little more time in the oven than they should have, but they still came out pretty tasty — I might include photos next time when they come out cuter and not so crispy on top.

So for dinner I had a fresh muffin, and after class tonight I’ll probably have some cucumber slices and chickpeas.

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