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Day 11, 12 & 13

WorldFest is tomorrow in Los Angeles, and I’ll be stopping by after work.  I had counted on the fact that I wouldn’t be able to buy food there, but my friends have been telling me I should give myself a free pass for tomorrow.  Their thinking is that in reality, the benefit of being on a strict budget is to be able to spend a little money for special events.  That may be true, but it still feels like cheating to me.  I think I’ll have to settle for just making mental notes of foods I want to try later, and maybe get some ideas for cooking at home.  But I must say, I have been craving vegan ice cream somethin’ fierce.  Someone else sugested I should be able to eat whatever I can get for free.. I wonder if making really sad faces in front of the Coconut Bliss booth would be effective?

(I had exams this week and I’ve been a little under the weather, but I will catch up with posts in the next day or two.)

Day 11 – Tuesday, May 11
Morning:  Carrot muffin, banana.

Afternoon:  Leftover fried rice from Sunday night, and apple sauce.

Evening:  I got home from school pretty late and I really just wanted to go to bed.  I microwaved a bowl of mashed potatoes and peas while I checked my e-mail.

Day 12 – Wednesday, May 12
Morning:  Scrambled tofu, home fries with mushroom and onion.  I love this meal, and I’m glad I know how to make it now!

Afternoon:  I had been craving eggless egg salad, so I tried some on rice cakes.  The first two bites were delicious, but then I started to realize that it was actually kind of disgusting.  I put the rest in the fridge until I’d have time to make real bread, and had a muffin and some apple sauce instead.

Evening:  Gardein chick’n scallopini with mushrooms and onions, and a side of mashed potatoes.

Day 13 – Thursday, May 13
Morning:  Carrot muffin.

Afternoon:  I baked bread for the first time!  It came out pretty awesome, and the eggless egg salad sandwich was delicious.  Bread recipe from How it all Vegan.

Evening:  For dinner, I decided to make beans on toast.  Ew, right?  To be honest, back when I first heard that beans on toast is a staple in British cuisine, I was pretty confused.. and a little disgusted.  But I had one day ’til grocery shopping, and the only substantial things I had left were my bread, and a can of pinto beans.  So I sliced up a jalapeno and threw it in a skillet with the beans, and when they were almost ready I added some barbecue sauce.  Apparently it’s important to use buttered toast when making beans on toast – I Googled it – so I made toast with Earth Balance and topped it with beans.  I’m sure the homemade-ness had a lot to do with it, and I probably wouldn’t reccommend canned beans on Wonderbread, but this actually came out really tasty.

I mean.. look at the picture.  It even LOOKS gross.  But don’t judge beans on toast by it’s cover.  It was delicious.


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